It's September!

We're moving reallllllly slowly right? :D Like ast_team old school, where we released 3 HnAs in one day after 7 months of nothing.

Well, when you work at your own pace, that's what you get :D :D :D

Anyway, some updates from the team!

1. We're having internal changes in terms of team members. We don't have any translators for USO!Japan and VSA anymore, and that's the reason why we can't go on with the series. If you know anyone who'd like to translate for us, let us know!

2. As you can see, we're still with our policy of "post will be locked after 7 days". Although that's not the case most of the time. We appreciate our community members who help us keep track of our vids that got 'carried away' when they follow our sub downloaders and ended up on streaming sites~ We know keeping it public helps a substantial amount of people to get access to sub videos, but please continue to help us in keeping the few streaming site 'lovers' from putting us on a dangerous spot *bows* As much as we don't want to make every post members only, it's hard if the subbers' wishes are not respected as how it should be. It's not rocket science - don't upload our subs to streaming sites, that's all.

3. AST_SEKAI is getting better and better! Now that we have the French, Hebrew, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish releasing stuff more and more, the Malay team will follow very soon! We hope to expand more, so lend us any help if you feel like it ya :D

4. We've been around for quite some time already. Since there's no sub team meme this year, maybe you can post your feedback here? Comment on this post if you have any feedback/ suggestion for us, and we'll keep everything in mind :)

Over 7000 ast_team community members and over 300 ast_sekai community members in over 96 countries... we can create an Arashi town if we all live in one place ^___________^

It's September again, and we're entering the... 12th year since Arashi was formed? Though we can't turn back time to support Arashi since the beginning, we hope to continue to be with them for as long as we can, hopefully as long as they stay active in the entertainment industry.

Let's help Arashi create a storm (or maintain it) throughout the world!

It's April already!

2010 sure is fast :D

Hmm, first post of April, what should we talk about first? Updates?

1. April is a month full of Arashi goodies! Therefore, it feels only right for us to feel excited over everything too :D The excitement is all over AST, we managed to assemble teams for all 3 projects we wanted to try to sub.

Which 3 projects?

The first one has got to do with fans gathering in the national stadium screaming at the top of their lungs. I think Sho was also screaming inside when he was forced by Jun to sail from one end to another.

The second one is a drama SP that goes through the journey of a family and the prominent historical events in Japan. It's a 3 days, 8 hours drama. Let's hope our dear translator is genki enough after her trip with her favorite band across the US :D

Last but not least, is what I'd say, the cutest drama for a 30 turn what 13? role for ANY Arashi member drama. I love the CM already! And I love the big ear, the yellow shirt, the way Choi Hon Man looks super cool, I think I fell in love with the Japanese Frankenstein <333

We'll make the official announcement very soon ^^ (we're shy that way :D)

2. We have quite a few new people joining us too. Luci, El, Jamerei, to name a few. Welcome!

3. It is safe to say we have a lot of AST members with cats as their pets xD

Bye! *dash*

first post for March 2010 :)

I can really get used to this :D

1. We've released the preview for Kobe Shimbun. It was a relief to have been able to release it xD

2. We have more releases under ast_sekai. Starting March, all posts will be locked after a week.

3. It's the Troublemaker month! And we might have just the right release on its release date tomorrow!

On another note, a lot of students are having mid semester exams ne? Good luck with it! And it goes to AST members too. Quite a number of them are going into a hiatus for the month, and some for the rest of the year, because of Master thesis.

So, if you are interested in becoming a timer, please PM us, or just drop a comment here. You don't have to be experienced, everyone can always learn how to do it. But you need to have time, A LOT of it *nods*

We are digging more into Arashi early days clips, and it's not far from the goodies releases, so stay tuned :D

p/s: Thanks to Inuhariko for being such a great supplier so far. We should make a post tribute to her one day *nods*


first post for February 2010 :)

A continuation from the previous First Post :D I think maybe we can start a series of First Post entries xD

Well, AST has been working hard for the past month too *have they ever not work hard? I have no idea xD*

Welcome to more new members! Minami is our new translator, while Vanessa and Homi are 2 of our new subbers! I hope they would have tons of fun subbing Arashi clips ^________________^

In AST, we pretty much do what we want right? I think we started of with spesification, as in one person took one role in the team, be in translator, timer/typesetter, encoder, uploader etc. I think we are moving forward towards diversification too, since AST is expanding and trying new things  has always been interesting when it comes to this fandom right? :D So we have Sophie, our raw provider/mirror uploader in the AST SEKAI - French team, Saki as an encoder plus subber now, as well as Nasyer, who just 'debuted' with her first subbed clip :) Nasyer is originally from the mp4 team. Studying the fandom has never been this fun xD

AST SEKAI is up and rocking! We already have 2 releases from AST SEKAI - French (My Girl ep01 and 02), one Smile CM from AST SEKAI - Indonesia and the first episode of My Girl from AST SEKAI - Portuguese! Expect more from AST SEKAI soon (like really soon because I have 3 more to release ^_^)

We're also having our first collaboration! We are in the middle of completing the Kobe Shinbun project, a collaboration with Stormy Team :D

I think that's all for now? Stay safe and healthy everyone!


AST announcement: AST SEKAI

*isn't this a spam by now? gomen ne, f-list xD*

[info]ast_sekai is a community for AST non-English re-subbed clip releases. Currently we have 13 language teams under AST SEKAI which are Arabic, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog and Thai. The introduction to the team will be made when each group releases its first subbed clip.

To kickstart the community, the French team has released its first clip: My Girl 01 - Français.

You can find the release here.

Let's help Arashi create a BIGGER storm throughout the world!


First post for January 2010 ^_________^

Hi everyone!

I'm sure it's not too late to wish everyone Happy New Year xD Thanks for all the support and thank yous and streamed clips bashing and the likes, THANK YOU ^____________^

I guess it'd be good if we start posting a bit of the team's updates here, maybe once a month? It doesn't feel 'right' posting it at ast_team community, and besides, I can be less formal here too~

So, in short, here's the updates from the team!

1. We have a couple more addition to the family! Say hi to Puffy, Juu, Mirei, Kelsey, Sue and Saki. Most of them joined the team towards the end of 2009, and Mirei is the first new member for 2010 *throws confetti to everyone* I hope everyone will have fun helping Arashi maintaining a storm throughout the world xD

2. I think everyone knows that AST does not post a progress list, simply because.. we don't have one. The idea of saying 'we will no longer continue subbing this clip' after claiming that we would do it turns out to be something very scary to us >.< But that doesn't mean we can't give hints? Maybe a drama? Maybe a concert? We sure hope everyone will get to know about it soon ^0^

3. AST gets a lot of re-sub requests from time to time. We feel that it's time for us to start our own re-sub community *gasp* Yep, AST now has another community called ast_sekai, a community for AST's non-English releases. So far we have a French and a Turkish team, and we are looking for more people who'd be interested in joining the fun :D

If you know how to:

1. translate from English to your own language
2. how to time/typeset/sub in general

Come and join us XD Priority will be given to the person who knows how to translate AND sub. We want at most 2 people per team, but if there's an overflow of fans who wants to do it for one particular language, maybe we can consider for more ^^ If you're interested, please send an email with the subject: ast_sekai to

The community is not up and running as of now, but we'll see in maybe... 10 days? ^____________^

I guess that's all!

p/s: Do you enjoy Age Gumi's radio show? If you do, they are searching for more creative ideas to make it better :D

A fan of Aiba and his gunS xD

Of sub teams and streaming sites


In the middle of very deep voice, flu, cough and usual madness that is a wedding (not mine, my cousin's XD) I had a conversation with Renna on how to deal with the current My Girl vs streaming site issue.

No matter how we see it (even after Renna studying 2 pages of d-addicts discussion and tracking attempts), we just don't see an absolute solution.

And moderating the membership is definitely not a permanent option. It never will.

We've seen how other sub teams handle streaming vids problem. Some just leave it as it is, some take pride in it, some locked their communities, others... just deal with it in their own ways. And it's bothering me how the only one way to reduce this problem, is by having more restriction.

Because that's not what we want. We want as many people to enjoy the subbed clips. And the rules we have in place (no uploads to streaming sites and no redistribution outside of AST sites) are simply the most basic rules any sub team would have in place. As much as we want to provide, we want to protect ourselves too XD

And what makes me ANGRY, is above all, because of the PROFIT these sites are making out of AST voluntary work. If they can pay $100,000 per video streamed on their sites, those $400,000 they paid should have been given to Mel, Del, Carmen, Na-chan, and Renna for working on My Girl ep6.

Weigh one rule (or maybe a piece of thank you for your work!) vs $400,000. It's amazing how fansubbers chose the former.

It's so happen that AST sub stuff. The members are by no means some special human being within the Arashi fans society, or even the J entertainment society. We are merely fans who enjoy being involve in the subbing process, because we enjoy Arashi as much as any other fans do. The more we stick together, the less restriction we need in this fandom *nods*

I hope when all this is done and over with, it'd be the last one of its kind o_o


p/s: sorry to those who seek membership to the community. we're still going through the usernames. and I have to say that I'm suprised by the amount of Kpop fans who're asking membership because of the drama! Aiba is a universal human being XD
*kiss Aiba and puts him in my backpack* *runs from Mel, Del and Renna*


Of V6, Arashi and AST ^^

I just came back from V6's Asia Tour in Taiwan yesterday. It was superb! Just... superb ^^

I've been to Arashi Around Asia concert in Shanghai around this time last year, and it was nothing but superb too XD I guess it gives you an idea of how differently superb JE groups concerts can be if you've attended more than one JE group's concert. I think Kiyomi knows about this matter best. Check here for her superb Japanese entertainment experiences, cuz it's not just about Arashi and JE XD

As for AST, we are creating a new member database, full of personal questions like status,ichiban(s) and favorite Arashi moments. One member answered Arashi orgy, and I secretly hope there's a sex tape out there to prove this *bricks Salwa for her hentai imaginations*

With all the anniversary projects (ACW and ATB), drama(s) (yep, it's not just My Girl ^^), some other random clips for Ohno's month project and the regular stuff from the sub teams, I have to say that it's a very busy period for AST now. Maybe because everyone is trying to catch up with the Xmas season coming very soon, or maybe because Arashi has been sooooooooo active nowadays, we just need to catch up with them!

To those who're currently taking exams (or about to), good luck! Hope AST releases help you to go through it ^^

To those who're going to take JLPT exam in December, good luck! We have 3 AST members who are going to take the exam, and everyone is working very hard for it too ^^

To those who're finished with their exams and currently on holidays, happy holidays! Hope AST releases keeps you happy during this holiday season!

And to everyone, please continue to support Arashi and AST, and help create a storm throughout the world!

Salwa XD

Of waiters and subbers

Do you know about this meme? That was a very informative meme for subbing teams, I must say.

Being in AST allows me to sort of understand the reason behind why subbers are asking for, or indirectly hoping for the donwloaders to comment when they take a subbed clip.

It's equivalent to the act of thanking a waiter. When a waiter brings the food to us, we say thank you as a form of gratitude; either for the food, for the service, for the smile. We say thank you because something was brought to us.

In the eyes of the waiter, I bet he or she will feel much appreciated if a customer says thanks to his or her service.

The truth is, the example can be of so much more. When we say thank you to our boss for the paycheck we get, we say it because we get well, money XD but also we're thankful for the appreciation that has been given in the form of money. Our boss will certainly feel good too if we thank them.

The art of gratitude is practiced in our daily lives, even when we don't see it as something important. But it might be important to someone we know. Well, if there is no harm, why not right? ^^

Of course, it's not really nice to demand for a thank you, but it is not something wrong to ask for it either. After all, everyone wants to feel appreciated.

Thank you to all the downloaders who have commented on our posts. I do believe some of us did go through the comments and feel happy that her work was appreciated. And we thank YOU for downloading our subbed clips.

After all, without the customers, who would the waiter serves?